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Featured Instruments and Bows


Instrument Name Price Instrument Info
Italian violin ca. 1750, possibly Milanese enquire This beautifully restored violin has all the tonal power and color one could wish for. A true soloist's instrument.
Roman Teller, 1973 $4,500 A nice example in good condition. Strong tone with good flexibility.
Dario Giovanni, 2017 $2,800 Lovely smaller Guarneri model violin from West Coast Strings.
1703 Stradivari Reproduction $2,900 A good value in a violin with strong projection
August F. Kohr Model 2800, 2011 $2,800 Striking wood selection. A strong, responsive violin
Core Select Model 2900, 2015 $2,900 Strong tone with nice response

Other Violins

Sofia "Todorova, 1993

West Coast "Sandro Luciano" Vieuxtemps reproduction

Fire Phoenix Model FV 400

Emile Lupac workshop, 1970s

J and J Strings Rosalia Model


Albert Bassi-16"

J and J Strings Rosalia Model 15 1/2"

Peter Kaufmann-16"


Gunter von Aue 2009 4/4


Bow Name Price Bow Info
Berg Viola Bow $2,650 A fine example.