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Featured Instruments and Bows


Instrument Name Price Instrument Info

Featured Instruments image
Antonio Fiorini $2145

This lovely Guarneri pattern violin has an outstanding response and tonal palette for its price range. A great choice for an advancing student.

Featured Instruments image
G.L. Payne, 1928 $3000

G.L Payne was a self taught maker working in Prescott, Arizona starting in 1923, This violin has a very warm and complex tone with plenty of volume.

Featured Instruments image
Luciano $2,040

This elegant violin from the West Coast Strings workshops represents fine craftsmanship, with its rosewood fittings and warm vibrant varnish. It has a highly projective and rich tone that will suit the needs for the advanced player.

Featured Instruments image
1703 Stradivari Reproduction $2,900

This fine reproduction embodies many of the qualities that Antonio Stradivarius became so well known for. Its rich tone and fierce projection make it a fine choice for the advancing player.

Featured Instruments image
L.G. Chen $2,600

This violin measures in at 13 ¾ inches, which makes it an ideal instrument for an advancing violinist in need of a smaller instrument. Don’t let the size fool you though, this violin has a rich tone and expansive colors all players are looking for. Created by L.G. Chen at the Fire Phoenix company, this is a finely crafted instrument.

Featured Instruments image
Sofia Todorova $2500

A great value on a violin from this well known workshop. This violin has the characteristic workmanship and antiqued varnish treatment one expects from Sofia instruments.A particularly warm sounding violin with good response.




Bow Name Price Bow Info

Featured Bows image
Jon Paul Carrera Horn Frog Violin Bow $1,500

Modeled after an old Pajeot, this exquisite bow has an old French feel with a rich tone. Its finishes include a gorgeous Horn Frog, and snakeskin leather grip.