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High quality instruments at the best prices.

Rental Program

• These high quality beginning instruments are personally selected by us for tone and playability, and are far superior to the typical outfit sold on the internet. Each outfit is fully adjusted in our shop, and includes bow and case.

• Rental insurance is included in the rental fee.

• 6 months of rental fees may be applied to the purchase of any instrument in the shop. Remaining balance can be paid in 6 months with no interest.

• Minimum rental period is one month. Instrument may be returned at any point thereafter. A form of security, such as a credit card is required for rental.

• Rental instruments purchased may be traded toward any instrument in the shop at 50% of its value.

• Older, well used, and lesser quality outfits are sometimes available for purchase at greatly reduced prices. Trade back of 50% still applies. Ask about our current selection.

Rental Fees [all sizes]

Violin: $21.99 / Viola: $28.99 / Cello: $39.99

Guidelines for Sizing

While it is always preferable to have your child sized by his/her teacher, the following guidelines can help parents determine the proper size instrument for their child.

Extend the left arm straight out, palm facing up. Measure from the base of the neck to the cup of the palm:

23 1⁄2 inches or more: 4/4 violin, 14” or larger viola
22 1⁄2 inches: 3⁄4 violin or 13” viola
20 1⁄2 inches: 1⁄2 violin or 12” viola
18 1⁄2 inches: 1⁄4 violin

The important measurement is a comfortable span between the index finger and the pinky of the left hand:

6 inches or more: 4/4 cello or 3⁄4 bass
5 inches: 3⁄4 cello or 1⁄2 bass
4 inches: 1⁄2 cello or 1⁄4 bass

REMEMBER: These should only be considered general guidelines. It is always far preferable to have your child sized by the teacher.

Standard Rental Contract - Download here

Automatic Payment Form - Download here

Instrument Purchase Program

• Each instrument is personally selected by us for tone, playability, appearance, and represents an outstanding value for the customer.

• Credit from our rental program can be applied to any instrument in our inventory. Take 6 months to pay with no interest, or 12 months with interest. Credit card or bank draft required for installment payments.

• Instruments from our rental and beginning inventory may be traded back at 50% of purchase price; fine instruments at 100%. Bows and cases are discounted when purchased with fine instruments.

• Beginning instruments range in price from $395 to $650 for violins, $435 to $895 for violas, $795 to $1200 for cellos. Fine instruments available in a variety of price ranges.

• Our staff includes professional players, and string instructors with many years of experience, and we are dedicated to helping our customers find the ideal instrument or bow. We can also assist with accessories, such as chinrests, shoulder rests, strings, etc.